War Poetry and poets Dulce et Decorum Est - Wilfred Owen

The lives of First World War poets

There is biographical information about 25 of the best known poets of the First World War on the new war poetry website.

Poetry, poets, poems of the First World War  -  all that wonderful material that used to be found on  THE WAR POETRY WEBSITE can now be found at

the NEW, SECURE, UPDATED, MOBILE FRIENDLY War Poetry Website www.warpoetry.uk warpoetry.uk

And information about war poetry anthologies and biographies of war poets.

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For 20 years THE WAR POETRY WEBSITE was the leading war poetry website on the internet, usually number one in search results and with about a million visitors a year. Recently hackers interfered with the website and eventually destroyed it so now we have an improved, modern-looking mobile friendly website which should be easier to use. Some of the pages on the original website have still to be revised and added to the new site.

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Link to the new war poetry website

The New War Poetry Website

The War Poetry website is now available in a secure, mobile-friendly version at the new address www.warpoetry.uk

Wilfred Owen’s famous Dulce poem and notes are at https://www.warpoetry.uk/dulce-et-decorum-est

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