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KS4 Remembrance Poetry Winner


The saffron sun surrendered to an army of green Lungs drowning, eyes burning... an end is to be seen. A deafening wail strikes the ground
But there’s no rifle rattling. No one around.
Trenches were empty, no crawling on the floor
Easy to say, the land was stripped of awe
The demonic ways had taken their toll
As bent double bodies are broken like old china dolls.

Here, they rest in a blanket of demise
While poets write about a war in utopia... shadowed with lies. With families at home...waiting hopelessly by the phone
The soldiers lay defeated, shattered and alone.
Could this air have killed hundreds, innocent and pure?
Still their memory remains all the more
Because they - most starry eyed of people - like you and me Now remain by ashes under the big, green sea.

Katie Seeley, Age 14
St George’s High School

Remembrance Poetry Competition

KS3 Winner

Death’s Door

Silence hits as the night calls,

every morning I dread coming to war.

It is painful living behind these walls;

When a gun-fires everyone falls!

Dead corpses all over the floor,

this isn’t a tug of war.

This is us knocking at death’s door!

Elle Wraith, 13

Highfield Leadership Academy  


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Congratulations To Katie and Elle

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