The First Public Reading  -  Kosovo War Poetry event filmed by BBC

At the Friendsí Meeting House in Brighton, England, on Friday, 19th May, 2000, 50 people attended the first public reading of Kosovo War Poetry. The event was filmed by the BBC Knowledge Channel (now renamed BBC4) for a Culture Fix programme about war poetry. 

Subsequent Readings

Poems from Kosovo War Poetry have been read at:

  • Remembrance Day events at St Nicholas Church, Brighton, November 2000;
  • the Friends' Meeting House, Brighton, November 2001;
  • Holocaust Memorial Day event, Haywards Heath, January 2002;
  • The David Jones Society reading of war poetry at the Imperial War Museum, London, January 2003
  • and a selection of the poems were used to create a drama presentation at Trinity High School, Trinity, NC, USA. 

The tutor wrote, "Our production went very well and my students received
an Excellent rating for the show. We also received an award for working as an ensemble. The greatest reward was watching my students empathize with these people and their pain and struggles. I think we educated a few people also. I know that my students have a much stronger sense of world issues after our production. Thank you again so much for allowing us to use your work for our project."

Your poetry is beautiful in performance!" 

The Launch

Two poems from Kosovo War Poetry were read at the launch of the book at the Imperial War Museum London on 24 March 2000. This was the first anniversary of the start of the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia (Serbia including Kosovo). The readers were David Roberts and Alison Brett.  

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