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War Poets R-W

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War poets  in Out in the Dark     R-W

Isaac Rosenberg
August 1914
Break Of Day in the Trenches
Dead Man's Dump
The Dying Soldier
The Immortals
In the Trenches
Louse Hunting
Maniac Earth!
On Receiving News of War
Returning, We Hear the Larks

Siegfried Sassoon
Base Details
Does it Matter?
Everyone Sang
Fight to a Finish
The General
Glory of Women
Great Men
The Hero
In the Church of St Ouen
I Stood With the Dead
Memorial Tablet
A Mystic as Soldier
Night Attack
The One-Legged Man
On Passing the New Menin Gate
The Poet as Hero
Prelude: The Troops
The Rear-Guard
Suicide in the Trenches
To Any Dead Officer
To My Brother
Vicarious Christ

Alan Seeger

Out in the Dark
Poetry of the First World War in Context and with Basic Notes 

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Charles Sorley
All the Hills and Vales
From A Call to Action
A Hundred Thousand Million Mites
From The Massacre
Such is Death
To Germany
When You See Millions of the Mouthless Dead

Lesbia Thanet
In Time of War

Edward Thomas
And You, Helen
As the Teams Head-Brass
The Cherry Trees
For These
In Memoriam
Lights Out
No One Cares Less Than I
No One so Much as You
Out in the Dark
This is no Case of Petty Right or Wrong
The Trumpet

Walter Turner
Death's Men

Katherine Tynan
Joining the Colours

R E Vernède
A Listening Post

William Watson
To the Troubler of the World
Veritas Victrix

Arthur Graeme West
God, How I Hate You
Night Patrol

Out in the Dark    
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