War poets and their poetry in  Out in the Dark 
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War Poets   A-G 

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There are 140 poems by 45 war poets in Out in the Dark. Most poems are accompanied by basic notes on vocabulary. There is a good deal of background information which is helpful in understanding how the poems came to be written.

Poets in Out in the Dark  A-G

Marian Allen
The Wind on the Downs

Herbert Asquith

Harold Begbie
Fall in
A Christian to a Quaker

Janet Begbie
I Shouted for Blood

Matilda Betham-Edwards
The Two Mothers

Lawrence Binyon
For the Fallen

Edmund Blunden
Thiepval Wood

Beatrix Brice-Miller
To the Vanguard

Robert Bridges
Wake up England

Vera Brittain
Hospital Sanctuary
To My Brother

Rupert Brooke
1914 - 
The Rich Dead 
The Dead 
The Soldier

Soon to Die

Margaret Postgate Cole

Mary Gabrielle Collins
Women at Munition Making

Eva Dobell

Eleanor Farjeon
Now That You Too

John Freeman
Happy is England Now

John Galsworthy

Julian Grenfell
Into Battle

Ivor Gurney
The Target

Poets in Out in the Dark

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Out in the Dark
Poetry of the First World War in Context and with Basic Notes 

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  Poets in Out in the Dark

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