War poets and their poems in  "Minds at War  -  the poetry and Experience of the First World War"

War poets and their poems in Minds at War

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Minds at War: poets O-S

There are 250 poems by 80 poets in Minds at War.

The greatest of all war poets writing in English was Wilfred Owen. 27 of his poems are included in this anthology.

His friend, Siegfried Sassoon, is another major war poet. He recorded, with unflinching honesty and frankness, the range of his attitudes, experiences, and emotions from the start of the First World War till after its end. Minds at War contains 33 of Sassoon's poems.

Wilfred Owen
Anthem for Doomed Youth
Apologia Pro Poemate Meo
Arms and the Boy
At a Calvary Near the Ancre
From The Ballad of Purchase Money
The Deadbeat
Dulce et Decorum Est
The End
Great Gun
Greater Love
An Imperial Elegy
The Inspection
The Last Laugh
Mental Cases
The Next War
The Parable of the Old Man and the Young
The Send-Off
The Sentry
The Show
Smile, Smile, Smile
Spring Offensive
Strange Meeting

John Oxenham
From All Clear!
Hymn: for the Men at the Front
The Goodly Company
Little Crosses in the Snow
From Ten Men in a Crater Hole
The Vision Splendid

Robert Palmer
How Long, O Lord?

Max Plowman
The Dead Soldiers

Jessie Pope
The Call
War Girls

Herbert Read
The Execution of Cornelius Vane
The Happy Warrior
My Company
A Short Poem for Armistice Day
To a Conscript of 1940

Isaac Rosenberg
August 1914
Break Of Day in the Trenches
Dead Man's Dump
The Dying Soldier
The Immortals
In the Trenches
Maniac Earth!
On Receiving News of War
Returning, We Hear the Larks


Siegfried Sassoon
Christ and the Soldier
Counter Attack
Died of Wounds
Does it Matter?
The General
Great Men
The Hero
In the Church of St Ouen
I Stood With the Dead
The Kiss
The March-Past
Memorial Tablet
A Mystic as Soldier
Night Attack
The One-Legged Man
On Passing the New Menin Gate
The Poet as Hero
Prelude: The Troops
Suicide in the Trenches
A Testament
To Any Dead Officer
To My Brother
Vicarious Christ

Owen Seaman
For The Apostles Of "No Humiliation"
Pro Patria
The Soul of a Nation
To the Shirker: A Last Appeal

Alan Seeger

Robert Service
The Volunteer

Osbert Sitwell
The End
The Next War

Muriel Stuart
Forgotten Dead, I Salute You

Soldiers' Songs
What's the Use of Worrying
Après la Guerre 

Charles Sorley
All the Hills and Vales
From A Call to Action
A Hundred Thousand Million Mites
Such is Death
To Germany
When You See Millions of the Mouthless Dead


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