War poets and their poems in  "Minds at War  -  the poetry and Experience of the First World War"

War poets and their poems in Minds at War. 

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Minds at War: poets J-N

Phillip Johnstone
High Wood

David Jones
From In Parenthesis: Zero Minus Seven Minutes

Rudyard Kipling
The Children
A Dead Statesman
For All We Have and Are
Hymn Before Action
From A Song of the English
A Song of the White Men

D H Lawrence
At Last Came Death (extract)
Noise of Battle
Tommies in the Train

Winifred M Letts
What Reward?

Rose Macaulay
Many Sisters to Many Brothers

Nina Macdonald
Sing a Song of War-Time

Helen Mackay

E A Mackintosh
In Memoriam

Minds at War
The Poetry and Experience 
of the First World War

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John Masefield
August, 1914

John McCrae
In Flanders Fields

G M Mitchell
The Nurse

Harold Monro

Music Hall Songs
Now Your Country Calls You
We Don't Want to Fight

Edith Nesbit
Under the Shadow

Henry Newbolt
From Admirals All
Clifton Chapel
For a War Memorial 
Clifton College
A Perpetual Memory
Vitai Lampada
The War Films

Eileen Newton
Last Leave

Robert Nichols

Alfred Noyes
The Victory Ball


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