War poets and their poems in Minds at War.

War Poets D-H

The second of five pages listing all the poets and poems included in Minds at War. 

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Minds at War: poets D-H

Geoffrey Dearmer
The Storm 

Walter De La Mare
Happy England

Eva Dobell
Night Duty

Eleanor Farjeon
Now That You Too

Parke Farley
If War is Right
F S Flint

Gilbert Frankau
The Deserter
On Leave
From Parting

John Freeman
Happy is England Now

Ford Madox Ford

John Galsworthy
Valley of the Shadow 
Youth's Own

H W Garrod
Epitaph: Neuve Chapelle

Wilfrid Gibson
The Bayonet

Robert Graves
Armistice Day
A Child's Nightmare
A Dead Boche
Defeat of the Rebels
Hate Not, Fear Not
Not Dead
Sergeant-Major Money
The Shadow of Death
Trench Life
Two Fusiliers

Julian Grenfell 
Into Battle

Diana Gurney
The Fallen

Ivor Gurney
The Target

Thomas Hardy
And There was a Great Calm
An Appeal to America on Behalf of the Belgian     Destitute
A Call to National Service
England to Germany in 1914
Men Who March Away
Often When Warring
On the Belgian Expatriation
Then and Now
We are Getting to the End

A P Herbert
After the Battle

A E Housman
Here Dead We Lie

W N Hodgson
Before Action

Teresa Hooley
A War Film

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