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Modern War Poetry
and poems of the First World War (click to select)

The First World War section includes some of the most famous war poems of all time by Wilfred Owen and others. The basic notes provided with some of these poems will be useful for students. There is biographical information about 25 First World War poets, with substantial amounts on Wilfred Owen in particular.

Minds at War poetry book cover

Minds at War  -  A book worth possessing, a book for every library

 One of the largest anthologies of poetry of The First World War, but more than this, it is particularly interesting and informative because it is packed with fascinating insights into the lives of poets and the historical context.

Edited by David Roberts, Published by Saxon Books
400 pages. £15-99 Available worldwide. Amazon link in left column. Amazon site offers access to many book suppliers and better prices.


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What's the real news?

A poem by Professor Armitage of North Carolina University  

In Britain many people are depressed by turning on Radio 4’s daily news of disasters, crimes and war. It would seem that the UK is not the only place where bad news is the norm in a world where the norm is really the story of daily human achievement, cooperation, caring and happiness.


On Watching the PBS Nightly NewsHour

 Judy and Gwen, complementary pair,

 guide us smoothly as they come on air

 bringing the day’s news, tale sad to tell:

 Assad and ISIL make Syria hell

 and much of Africa runs it close;

 Afghanistan proves a lost cause –

 the Taliban are sneaking back,

 and Iraq’s still writhing on the rack.

 At North and South Poles ice is melting

so it is in vain that bears go sealing.

 Power companies plot rate increases

 and bank executives scheme to fleece us.

 O brave new world with Facebook and Twitter,

 what’s the cure to make the news less bitter?

 Christopher Armitage


 Link to The Gazette of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Remembrance Poetry Link

Remembering War blog: recently added: a review of Missing But Not Forgotten, about the history and human significance of the Thiepval Memorial in the Somme region. This blog is about recent and current wars as well as Remembrance and poetry. Click here.

Cover Missing but not forgotten

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for users of Remembrance poems may be found on the Remembering War blog. Click here to access.

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Remembrance Poetry and Readings book cover

 Remembrance Poems and Readings - Invaluable for all who are preparing remembrance and memorial events or meetings or meditations reflecting on matters of war and peace.

Importance of Remembrance Day in the National Calendar

No other day is more important in the national calendar than Remembrance Day. It is celebrated in every town, city and almost every village in the UK. Similar events take place around the world.

Remembrance event ideas  -  contemporary to ancient

Here is collection of words for remembrance events, and thoughts about remembrance, war and peace, spanning over two thousand years. Amongst these traditional, ancient and new poems, prayers and readings there may be found pieces suitable for twenty-first century Remembrance and Memorial events, and meetings or services that may focus on issues of war and peace.  Some pieces may suggest ways of developing ideas for commemorative occasions.

Many of the items included in this collection will prove moving, thought provoking and even inspirational.

120 pages paperback. ISBN 978-0-9528969-6-8 Poems and readings selected and introduced by David Roberts. Published by Saxon Books
 £11-95 (UK).
Available from all book suppliers worldwide.

More information on the Remembering War Blog.

Remembrance poetry on this website (link).


Minds at War book cover

Minds at War - the Poetry and Experience
of the First World War

Edited by David Roberts

One of the largest anthologies of First World War poetry. Also includes poets' letters, news reports and historical background. Illustrated. Richly informative.

This book is not new for the centenary. It is long established (nearly 20 years) as an important collection of first world war poetry. The classic poems and popular verse are here but, importantly,  they are set in context. The commentary and additional materials give a fascinating insight into the thinking of people - soldiers, generals, the media, politicians, and poets  - in those troubled years. Full of insights and highly readable. One of the largest collections of First World War poetry.

More information  about Minds at War and and comments on it . . .click!


BOOKS For information about anthologies of poetry, collections of poems by specific war poets, and relevant history books please see the bookshop page. For more information about anthologies edited by David Roberts please click a picture link in the left column.

Dulce et Decorum Est - a video reading of the poem by David Roberts.  Also, the text of the poem and explanatory notes on it.


War memorials in northern England and Scotland.

A growing collection of photographs by Marguerite Rami shows the wonderful and often moving memorial sculpture and is a strong signal of the greater sense of loss felt in the north of the UK as a result of the First World War. Click to view.

Notes on the History of the First World War. Key events and ideas briefly explained [first section]

British poetry encouraging a fighting spirit before 1914 - in First World War section

Commemorating the First World War - a new poem

out cover

Out in The Dark, Anthology of poetry of the First World War, in context and with basic notes - especially useful for students. Tenth printing

"New" First World War poet:
A First World War poet to compare with Wilfred Owen?  -  discovered in France in 2008

FrenchPoetFirst WorldWar

One of the most talented of all French First World War poets. Who was he? What did he write? Why did he fall into obscurity for 90 years?

Granier book cover

For the first time Paul Granier's collection of poems is published in English in a fine translation by Ian Higgins and is available now.

Visit our  BOOKSHOP page for Cockerels and Vultures and other books of First World War poetry and history.

War Poetry Books for Students


Are you looking for a First  World War anthology that offers greater depth? More . . .

student of war poetry

Are you new to studying the poetry of the First World War?   More . . .

How was it possible for allegedly Christian countries to fight each other in the First World War? More . . .

Americans in the First World War

War Memorials of the First World War - Marguerite Rami  - Photographs of many of the outstanding war memorials in the north of England.

Poppy Fields, France
Main page of Remembrance Poems - link

Pages for you to add your war poems and comments

Powerful poem about his experiences and memories of Iraq in 2007 by Ed Poynter. See 2013 poems.

Also added in 2013 - German Jewish Poetry of the First World War translated into English. Most of these poems have never been published in English till now and most are unknown in Germany.

First World War poetry anthology edited by David Roberts

Cover We are the Dead anthology         

We Are the Dead  takes anthologies of First World War poetry into new areas. It features poems and war paintings from five countries.

This hardback book is lavishly illustrated in colour throughout by the great war artists of The First World War. It contains British, Irish, Australian, Canadian, French and German poetry. It was edited by David Roberts and published by The Red Horse Press in 2012.

A large format book, superbly printed on quality paper.  £25-00. 

See reviews and ratings of Minds at War
on the Good Reads website.

Minds at War book cover

More about Minds at War on the War Poetry website..

A shorter alternative to Minds at War is Out in the Dark.

Link to new page of poems by Curtis D Bennett - former US pilot in Vietnam

Falklands War Poetry(See below.) translated into Spanish
and published in Argentina

The title in Spanish is La Guerra de las Malvinas. It contains most of the poems in Falklands War Poetry and has a few additional poems written in Argentina. The English poems have been translated, edited and produced in Buenos Aires by Sue Littleton who was instrumental in finding the poems from Argentina which feature in Falklands War Poetry. More about this book.

Falklands War poetry anthology

Part of the record of The Falklands War and the effects of war  -  an important part of Britain's modern history.
Thirtieth Anniversary of the war to repel the invasion of the Falkland Islands by Argentina, April-June  2012

Falklands War Poetry

Falklands War Poetry, edited by David Roberts was published by Saxon Books in spring 2012. Poems are from Britain, the Falkland Islands and Argentina.
For further details, click here.

www.warpoetry.co.uk , the number one in search engines for "war poetry" More. . .

Modern War Poetry

Superb anthology of modern war poetry, edited by Neil Astley.

100 Years' War cover pic

For Review of The One Hundred Years'  War by David Roberts click here.
(The correct page should appear, but if not there will be a link in the top-of-the-page menu,

The pages of this website devoted to war poems of today are listed below this introduction.

They include poems of the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Falklands, Vietnam, Africa and the Israel/Palestine conflict. There are a href="RemembranceB.htm">remembrance poems, peace poems and anti-war poems too.

The contemporary war poetry on this website expresses a wide variety of views, experience and insights.

Each poet has his or her own distinctive voice. Today's war poets are people involved in warfare, affected by it or concerned about its affects.

WAR POETRY TODAY You can now instantly upload your poems directly to this website yourself. Please see the opening page of this section of the website (WAR POETRY TODAY). Click here to access. On this contributors' page click on "Replies" to read poems placed on the page - the latest war poetry available.

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Issues of war and peace

The Issues index page provides links to

  • Cost of Iraq war

  • background information,

  • videos,

  • discussions of war, peace, politics, international relations, and international law relating to war.

  • The views of Tony Blair, a former Nuremberg prosecutor and a former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations and others can be read here.

Most countries do not indulge in warfare. It is a matter of concern and distress to many people in the world that a significant handful of countries, often in defiance of United Nations' principles, are almost constantly at war, either overtly, or through the support and provocation of others.

Warpoetry website developments  More . . .

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Clickable Links to modern war poetry pages on this website

War Poetry Today

  2013 war poetry
2012 war poetry
2011 War Poems and poem videos
2010 War Poems
2009 War Poems
2008 War Poems
2007 War Poems
2006 War Poems
Afghanistan War Poems
Africa War Poems
Arab Spring
Asia (war poems from)
Australia (war poems from)
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Falklands War Poetry
Falklands War Poetry by Bernie Bruen
Falklands War - Graham Cordwell
Iraq War Videos
Iraq - the start of the war - 2003 War Poems
Iraq 2004 War Poems
Iraq and other war poems early 2005
Iraq and other war poems later 2005
Iraq later war poems have been added to
other yearly collections
Israel - War Poems, Elisha Porat
Israel - The persecution of the Jews, War Poems
Israel/Palestine/Gaza violence, War and Peace Poems
Japan (war poems from)
Kosovo War, War Poems
Malvinas War poetry - Spanish
Middle East, War Poems
Northern Ireland, War Poems
Palestine, War Poems
Remembrance Poems
Second World War  poetry
Sierra Leone War, War Poems
Vietnam War, War Poems

Individual contemporary war poets
Poems by
Curtis D Bennett (US) (New page added November 2012)
Michael Brett
Alexis Childs
Bernie Bruen, Falklands
Graham Cordwell, Falklands
Thomas Crofts
Cheryl L Daytec (Philippines - Some Palestine poems)
Maria Deyana 
Maureen Jones (about First World War)
Danny Martin  
Elisha Porat (Israel) 
Marguerite Rami
David Roberts 
Penny Rock (US)
Ann-Marie Spittle 
Poems by Mike Subritzky (NZ)


25 January 2013. Second anniversary of the Egyptian Revolution.

My video poem, written shortly after the victory, suggested that to celebrate before the new leaders had taken over might be premature. See other responses too by clicking here. - David Roberts, Editor.

Arab Spring video poems

Issues of war and peace

Link to Books of war poetry and for writers of war poetry. Books about recent wars and the politics of war and peace. Information and BUY NOW links to best prices.

Video Pages

Videos about the Iraq War 2003 - the bombing

Background to the Iraq War - Videos

Israel/Palestine - Videos

Videos of Poems added 2011

Poetry videos can be found on the Northern Ireland page, the Palestine page, 2011 page and the 2012 page.

Suheir Hammad


Suheir Hammad - See her video speaking her poem, What I will. (An expression of a determination to dissociate herself from what the 9/11 criminals did and everything they stood for. A modern statement of pacifism.)

Quotations about war, peace, and poetry
"It is possible, we now know, for a society to be heir to the knowledge of all the ages, and to use it with the recklessness of a madman and the ferocity of a savage.  .  .   It may master the means to harness nature to its chariot and then employ them to drive with greater speed to the precipice.  .  . "  R H Tawney  -   More. . .

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The War Poetry website popularity  It is number one in Google for war poetry. The War Poetry website is gaining in popularity. On Remembrance Day, 11 November 2010, there were 25,470 visits, in 2011 49,567 visits, and 2012 there were 55,601 visits. In the period 12 November 2011 to 13 November 2012 there were 958,953 visits to The War Poetry website.

Video of former Nuremberg Prosecutor speaking on the illegality of the NATO bombing of Kosovo  From ISSUES (in the left column) you can access the Kosovo page where you can access this unique video. It's a truly historic statement by the late Walter Rockler recorded at the request of the editor in 2000. It is available here for the first time since we placed the video on YouTube in October 2010.

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Prolific American anti-war poet David Martin Click here to link to his website for his many poems which are very critical and cynical about American foreign policy.

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