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How did the French respond to the experience of the First World War?
French Poems of the Great War  -  102 poems by 27 poets.
Translated by Ian Higgins.
The first substantial collection of French poetry of the First World War translated into English.
It is astonishing that for almost a century the English-speaking world has been unaware of the
huge, varied and powerful body of French poetry of the First World War. The poets, men and
many women, mainly unknown to British readers, reveal the varied but highly charged
responses of French soldiers and civilians to the ordeal of the war.
This moving and wide-ranging record of France's tragic endurance and ultimate victory will stand
as a fitting memorial alongside the great British poetry of the First World War.
Autumn 2016
Published by Saxon Books
190 Pages paperback
9”x 6”
ISBN 978-0-9528969-9-9        £11-95
Available from book stores and online retailers worldwide
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Remembrance Poems and Readings
For Remembrance Events and Reflection on Matters of War and
Invaluable for all who are preparing remembrance and memorial events or
meetings or meditations reflecting on matters of war and peace.
The place of Remembrance Day in the National Calendar
No other day is more important in the national calendar than Remembrance Day. It is celebrated in
every town, city and almost every village in the UK. Similar events take place around the world.
Remembrance event ideas  -  contemporary to ancient - in Remembrance Poems and Readings
Here is collection of words for remembrance events, and thoughts about remembrance, war and peace,
spanning over two thousand years. Amongst these traditional, ancient and new poems, prayers and
readings there may be found pieces suitable for twenty-first century Remembrance and Memorial
events, and meetings or services that may focus on issues of war and peace.  Some pieces may suggest
ways of developing ideas for commemorative occasions.
Many of the items included in this collection will prove moving, thought provoking and even
120 pages paperback. ISBN 978-0-9528969-6-8
Poems and readings selected and introduced by David Roberts. Published by Saxon Books £11.95 (UK) 
Available from all book suppliers worldwide, including through our bookshop page
Minds at War  -  The Poetry and Experience of the First
World War 
A book worth possessing, a book for every library
One of the largest anthologies of poetry of The First World War,
but more than this, it is particularly interesting and informative because it is packed
with fascinating insights into the lives of poets and the historical context.
Edited by David Roberts, Published by Saxon Books
400 pages. £15-99
Available worldwide. Amazon link in right column. Amazon site offers access to
many book suppliers
 better prices.        
"New" First World War poet:
A First World War poet to compare with Wilfred Owen?
Re-discovered in France in 2008
One of the most talented of all French First World War poets. Who was he? What did he write? Why did he
fall into obscurity for 90 years?
Albert-Paul Granier
 Cockerels and Vultures
The discovery of a major poet of the First World War
The chance finding of a 90-year-old slim and musty little volume of poetry at a jumble sale in France led to
the discovery of a major poet of the First World War. For almost 90 years Albert-Paul Granier was unknown in
his own country. The poetry was a revelation to the finder. Granier was soon republished in France and
astonished French readers. Granier stands comparison with the best of British war poets.
Now English-speaking readers can encounter this exceptional talent through Ian Higgins’ fine translation.
Published by Saxon Books, 2013, in paperback at £9-95.
ISBN  978-0-9528969-7-5     Available through our bookshop page.
Falklands War Poetry
Falklands War Poetry
is an important part of the record of The Falklands War, 1982, Britain’s bitterly
fought war to repel the invasion of the Falkland Islands by Argentina.
The words of the combatants, Argentine and British, and Falklands Islanders  -  A vivid testament to the
courage, character and suffering - mainly of British servicemen, their experiences and the aftermath.
Falklands War Poetry, edited, with a introduction, by David Roberts .
Published by Saxon Books 2012
Price £14.99. Size 200 mm x 130 mm. 135 pages.
ISBN 978-0-9528969-5-1
Available from book stores and online retailers worldwide
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War and Peace
This January (2016) we have had a treat in the UK in the BBC adaptation of Tolstoy's
War and Peace.
Seeing it tempted me to start reading this 1400 page novel. It's a wonderful read, a fascinating book.
Tolstoy is a brilliant observer of human behaviour and knew the lifestyles that he depicts. Like Pierre in
the story he began by enjoying a dissolute youth – women, alcohol, and gambling. He served four years
in the Russian army and saw action in the Crimea. He took over the control of the vast estates and large
numbers of serfs that he inherited and became known in his lifetime as the greatest novelist and
thinker in Russia.
My wife started reading one translation of War and Peace many years ago and found it stilted and
unsatisfactory. She then read the translation which I am using which is a Signet Classic which reads very
well. I can’t say how faithful it is to Tolstoy’s expression of ideas.
For people outside the UK, or those who missed the television production, the series is now available on
DVD and Blu-ray discs. Naturally, as this huge book has been condensed into only six episodes much
has been missed out, but the portrayal of characters is very close to Tolstoy's presentation of them.
Obviously, in Tolstoy's protracted account of their lives there is a greater depth and subtlety in their
behaviour than the TV version could possibly show. I was puzzled however, about why Pierre should not
have been made fat with spiky hair, as he is in the book.
One thing the TV series does better than Tolstoy is show the extraordinary opulence of Russia's palatial
homes. Tolstoy makes no attempt to describe them. Occasionally he describes clothing. For example,
Helen Kuragina’s very revealing dress which was typical “of women’s fashion in those days”.
David Roberts
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twenty-first centuries.
David Roberts, Editor, The War Poetry website.  
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