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Felicity Currie

Felicity Currie died on Tuesday 6 December 2016. She was a contributor to this website for many years, a deeply cultured person, independent of thought, a courageous woman who spoke passionately against the persecution of the Palestinian people.

For a number of years she wrote a Christmas sonnet, often specifically concerned with the unfolding and decades-old Palestinian tragedy.

Felicity’s  husband sent me this, her last Christmas sonnet:

2016 Christmas Sonnet

‘Happy Christmas’ calls from everywhere -

Invades our secret core of privacy,

Which might not be the welcome home of care

Suggested by what we let others see.

Where ‘Happy Christmas’ really needs to be

Is deep within what we might call our heart:

The life-beat fighting for equality

That means we and our Christmas never part.

Here we are, Christmas. Every day we find

Life’s poverty striving to make us blind,

With our mean money covering our eyes

And ears to everything but selfish lies.

But now, for once, let Christmas come to stay

And nothing take our giving hearts away.

Felicity Currie


David Roberts, December 2016.

There are more of Felicity Currie’s poems on the Palestinian page of this website.