A Success? - We Were Deceived

Most people in Britain believe the war was a success because when it started they saw on TV every night pictures of ethnic Albanians fleeing from Kosovo. They know that in the end 860,000 Kosovo Albanians fled from Kosovo. They also know that after the bombing the Serb forces retreated allowing the Kosovo Albanians to return home.
We have been told repeatedly by such people as Geoff Hoon, the Minister for Defence and George Robertson who was Minister for Defence at the time of the Kosovo War that the war was a success because it achieved what it set out to do. It got the Kosovo Albanians home. Geoff Hoon even described the war as, “an outstanding success” on a BBC Radio 4 programme in June 2000.
But we British were deceived by what we were told at the outset of the war because at the time we had no way of knowing 

  • what an impossible document Mr Milosevic had refused to sign -  that it demanded the right for NATO to occupy Serbia as well as Kosovo, and that Kosovo must accept a free market economy
  • that the ethnic cleansing we saw on our TVs had only started after the threat to bomb had been made
  • that the hostilities between Kosovo Albanians and Serbs in Kosovo from 1998 were stoked by American and German support for the KLA. They were doing their own terror campaign in Kosovo to which the Serbs were responding.

And we have been told relatively little about 

  • the effects of the bombing of the civilian infrastructure of Serbia,
  • the effect of the continuing sanctions against Serbia
  • the extent of the ethnic cleansing of Serbs, Roma, Gorani, and even moderate Albanians by Kosovo extremists. (KLA?)

So what really happened at Rambouillet? How did the ethnic cleansing come about?

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