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Journal of an Urban Robinson Crusoe

London and Brighton

by Des Marshall

The diary of an outsider


Journal of an Urban Robinson Crusoe is a portrait of a troubled yet resilient and compassionate man and the people he meets in London and Brighton in the closing years of the twentieth century: the lost, the lonely, the loud, the ordinary, the disconnected - a multitude of outsiders who exist everywhere in Britain's urban society. Ultimately, in spite of self-doubt, depression and tragedy the journal ends on a note of warmth and hope.


Des Marshall is fascinated by human behaviour and the workings of his own mind. He writes with an acute sense of self awareness, self mockery and humour about his interior life, his endless search for answers to his sense of rejection, the meaning and purpose of love, the sickness of modern society, the mystery of human existence.


"A graphic account of human behaviour as well as mental illness . . .  a readable, wryly self-mocking and often funny book." Elsa Dicks in The Friend.

"Once I started reading . . . the feelings of depression came over very strongly . . . However, just a few pages on and I was 'hooked' and virtually read it at one sitting. It is the deeply personal story of one man's fight against depression and paranoia in the face of physical difficulties, and the vagaries of the social wellfare system. He moves from London to Brighton and back again, giving a revealing picture of the colourful, humdrum, cosmopolitan, yet often insecure world that so many have to inhabit . . .  There are some very deep insights contained here: infact; I began t think of him as a down-and-out mystic."   Rosalind Smith in Towards Wholeness.

"The memoir of a man living through a depressive illness . . .  Paradoxically, the text is easy to read . . .  It's pleasantly surprising, entertaining and often witty . . .  there are strong echoes of Hesse, Dostoevsky and the existential crises of Camus and Sartre. Had the book been written in, say, French or Czech, it would probably have been published by a heavyweight European publisher as a literary novella." -  Mental Health Today.

One man's struggle for survival amidst the hubris of urban chaos . . . a voyage of self discovery." - Rob Whitley, Institute of Psychiatry, King's College, London

"It offers piercing insights. . .  and has moments of real tenderness."  - Open Mind.


Published in paperback by Saxon Books, 120 pages 

ISBN 0 9528969 3 1         Price £6-99


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